Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Okay here it is....I was so nervous to paint it, then I was nervous to glaze it. Now I'm nervous to take it down to the auction and go to the event and see what other artists think and will anyone bid on it and will people laugh and jeez I'm insecure! :)
The most frustrating thing about the process was when I glazed the pin and some of the glitter smeared around. If I knew better I would have glazed the glitter parts first, then glazed the rest. I was afraid I needed an even coat of glaze but really the glaze blends okay. There, a "glaze lesson" for you!
By the way, the tree I submitted to be picked for the auction is on the poster above. Twice! It's the one with the pink balls. Also my name is on the poster as one of the artists. Kinda cool!

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Jan said...

time to stop being nervous, your pin looks fabulous! Love those colors and there will be plenty more who do too. congratulations on having your art on the poster! Well deserved. very cool.