Monday, February 08, 2010


Above is a picture of the first 25 that were completed...well, not really done but painted! They need to be cut, scored, green paper and vellum attached with sparkle ivory brads, purple circle attached to the outside with cute sticker and ribbon! Whew, glad Minh and her girls are dealing with most of that part!

Working on invitations is repetitious work. It takes lots of self control for me not to change or "embellish" the original design. They must look uniform, and oooooh it's so hard to do it over and over exactly the same! The little dragon fly to the right has some glitter on his wings. The lanterns also have some bits of glitter.

Minh is worth it! I'm so happy she and my bro Mark are getting married. They are super cute and super perfect for each other. I'm so excited that I have gained an new sister!


Tina Morton said...

You are so very AMAZING!!!!

Magena Clemente said...

These are beautiful!
Magena22 swap-bot