Thursday, October 18, 2007


Above: Coffee Soap

I'm working on all these batches of soap again this year. This years batch has been easier and more fun. Probably because I have more experience.

I received requests for the coffee soap. My favorite is the rosemary. The aroma is so fresh, clean and calming! Lavender and Lemon/orange oil are also wonderful and clean smelling. The mouthful, but don't eat it, is cucumber melon green tea lime oil poppy seed bar! Peppermint is a good one for the Christmas season. I saved the peppermint stars for a baby shower.
Below: Sea Spray marble soap and Rosemary bars

Wrapping the soap can be tricky. The wrapping paper I used on the lavender soap became sweaty and gross. I used some heavy mulberry paper as well as some thick handmade paper which worked much better. The green soap, rosemary, to the left, is wrapped in wax paper to show off the color and texture. All the peppermint soap has a bit of glitter added to it.

To the right: Peppermint snowmen and peppermint puzzle pieces


Unknown said...

tam!!!! OMG is some of your soap for sell? PLEASE say yes I love soap. handmade soap.

Judi W. said...

I see why everyone was saying the coffee soap looked good enough to eat! Too bad the computer can't project odors - I bet your soap smells terrific!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tam... Your house is like a model home and your soap looks good enough to eat. Whats next? Your children sweet enough to become actors?? :) I love you sis!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Your coffee soap is awesome. I write The Soap Bar (thesoapbar.blogspot) I have to say, I wish I had a bar of yours to review. Write to me or check out my blogs!

Great soaps!!!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

OMG your soaps are amazing i can smell them just looking and teh packaging makes it all so professional i love that.