Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have tons of little shelves, hutches and cabinets for my art supplies.  I just got these two shelves at a cute shop in down town Beaverton called, Tea Time & Lavender.  Totally adorable antique store.  I love organizing the supplies and creating inspiration.  I am still searching for an old fashioned spice rack for all my glitter.  I don't use tons of glitter but it inspires me a lot!!  What kinds of things are a "must" for your art supply endeavors?

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Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I sooo wish I owned enough glitter to warrant a spice rack... that is the sign of a true artists I think and it would make me happy just knowing it was there.... I have had to remove all glitter from my general area as I was addicted and started glittering everything in sight... when Sinus came home and saw the dog was liberally covered he was rather unimpressed... no imagination that man!!! love seeing how you organise!!