Monday, January 03, 2011


 Okay the dragon fly (above) was something I was trying to do....didn't work, but it was fun playing around with my photo impact pro program.  I was trying to make a blogger button.  Still not intuitive for me and somewhat confusing.  Usually I get hooked on a computer game like Alpha Centauri or Civilization this time of year but I decided to focus on being productive and learning the photo program to help with my blogging.  Wish my computer would still run Alpha Centauri ;) 
 The bird is a funny little guy that I want to finish. Part bird, part fish and in space.  How does he live there? How can he breathe?  Why is he part fish and part bird?  What's up with the tail?  Cracks me up! 
 The painting in the front is done.  Not sure if you recognize it?  It's called Elise.   but the others I still need to work on.
The biggest challenge of all!  I want to figure out how to draw an airplane!  I struggle with them so much. I'm not sure why??  I grew up on an airstrip and you would think I would have the hang of it by now.  Nope!  I keep drawing and drawing them but they look lop sided and droopy.  If the trick is to be exact with the alignment of the wings or something I might be in trouble.  I was thinking a blogger button with and airplane might be fun?


Anonymous said...

I love your art, and what a great blog! :)
Happy New Year

Jessie said...

Hi Tam, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your birdie creature is great! I see a theme of skies in your work? There's supposed to be an eclipse out there as I write this but it's so foggy here!xx

Maggi said...

A blogger button with a airplane could be cool! Love your drawings so much, that fun little bird definitely has a life of its own!