Monday, December 15, 2008


These little ornaments were glazed with nail polish. A very noxious experience. I'm sure I've killed some brain cells. I don't have many to spare so this is not a good thing.

THE PROCESS: First I use clay that you bake in the oven. After the clay cools down I clear glaze (with nail polish) the eyes and the hook in the top of the ornament to keep them in place. Next is the colored nail polish. Some of the animals I use clay with a specific color. Some of them were totally covered up with nail polish color. Sparkle polish and glaze polish work the best. Probably because you see every stroke you make with the brush. It is really hard to get any details with the color. The expensive nail polish works better as far as color goes. Glazes and sparkles are fine, cheap or expensive.

This project took a really long time. I'm not sure I will try this again, well any time soon. I think if I could find a mold, wood or ceramic piece to paint that would be better. I don't like sculpting, baking, painting, and drying then more coats and so forth. The whole thing is monotonous.


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Chirpie Chip said...

How come I don't have the frog and / or the shrimp? (is that a shrimp?) ... :-(

Anonymous said...

Those frogs are super awesome! -Zh.